The Board: Ursula Wurm, Sabine Schmidt and Astrid Sesterhenn

“I became aware of SAYes through my friend Sabine when I sponsored a number of her runs for SAYes. When Sabine came up with the idea of setting up an association, I was very keen to assist her with promoting SAYes here in Germany and collecting donations to support the great work the charity is doing in South Africa. As a mother of four children, I know how much adolescents need advice and guidance from parents, godparents and friends to make the transition to an adult life, and I know how well my children are doing having been raised in a stable family environment. That motivates me to help children who don’t grow up so privileged.”

Ursula Wurm

"A major concern of mine is the welfare of young people, who are not as lucky as I was to have a stable childhood. So in 2010 I got in touch with a small South African organisation which had developed an extremely effective programme to help young people in homes in Cape Town make the transition from adolescence into adulthood. During my first visit to Cape Town in 2012, I had the opportunity to meet some of those young people and I was overwhelmed by their determination to find a way out of their trying situation. That prompted me to help SAYes even further to support these young people, which led to the idea of setting up an association in Germany.”

Sabine Schmidt

"My aunt Sabine told me about her plan to establish an association. I have always admired her enthusiasm for this project, therefore I am now a member of Friends of SAYes Germany, and I look forward to organising some fundraisers in future."

Luisa Dahm