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Spring Fleamarket

Cologne’s fleamarket takes place each Saturday at the Unicenter, and Friends of SAYes Germany hosted a stall here in April. In total 300 Euros was raised, and this money will be donated to SAYes. Thank you to everyone who donated items for us to sell, and to those who purchased them. A special thank you goes to Luisa, who organised it all and was there from the beginning right through to the end, and to Gabi, Biene and Vanessa who gave up their Saturday to help.


Sabine Schmidt

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

SAYes Graduation 2016

On 12th November I had the pleasure of attending SAYes‘ annual graduation ceremony. After Michelle Potter, co-founder and Executive Director of SAYes, gave a welcome speech, Dr. Andrew Dellis reported on the successes of the 2016 SAYes TIL Mentoring Programme.


This year SAYes started with 100 mentor-mentee matches and 87 of them graduated. In total there have been 4,409 mentoring hours, which is 264,540 minutes, or 15.8 million seconds that the young people involved in the programme received guidance.


Afterwards Andrew Planting, Chair of SAYes South Africa, two matches and social workers and directors of the homes talked about the impact the TIL Programme has on the young people in care. These talks were followed by a rap, before Lee den Hond spoke about climbing Mount Everest. Lee is the third South African woman who has accomplished this impressive challenge. Wim Braamse, a mentor in 2015 and 2016, thanked the Match Support team and announced that he will re-enroll for the 2017 programme.


Afterwards the certificates were handed out to the mentors and their mentees. There were also special award certificates in the categories of Guidance, Advocacy, Support and Transformation as well as for five years‘ participation in the SAYes TIL Youth Mentoring Programme.


Following the official part of the graduation, everybody celebrated the successful year with food, drinks and music. Once again it was a very moving ceremony and I was proud to witness it.

Our new partners

The new Friends of SAYes website was launched on 19th September. It took a lot of work to finalise and Lena Whitaker from oscar rae had the most to do.


Lena is a graphic designer and has been supporting SAYes for quite some time, designing annual reports, flyer, newsletters, newspaper adverts, business cards, certificates for mentors and mentees and other marketing material.


Our new website is thanks to the work of Lena. She built, programmed and designed it, meeting all of our requirements and more. It was her idea to offer the website in German and English and to show our tweets automatically. We gave Lena a free hand in the design and she exceeded all of our expectations.


We are extremely grateful to Lena and are very pleased that she will continue to be available for us with her technical know-how and design skills.


For more information about oscar rae visit



Kirsty Herrington has supported SAYes with the writing, editing and proofreading of various texts for newspaper adverts and other advertorials, blogs, and a concept note.


When the idea arose to offer our website in both German and English, we translated our German texts into English very amateurishly, sometimes just word for word. Thanks to Kirsty’s reworking of those texts, English-speaking people can now understand what is written on our site. Only after Kirsty’s editing did those texts make sense.


Fortunately Kirsty will continue to help us with the English text. We are very grateful for her active support and are looking forward to a fantastic cooperation.

Philes for Charity

Philes for Charity have launched a new fundraiser to collect donations for SAYes. Read more about it here:

A Day at the Flea Market

A Day at the Flea Market

Saturday, summer, sunshine – perfect conditions for a sucessful day at the flea market. We organised a stall at the flea market at the Unicenter in Cologne on 30th July to collect money for SAYes. On the day we were really lucky with the weather and lots of willing customers. Members of Friends of SAYes Germany cleared out their cabinets, cellars and garages to donate items for a good cause. Thanks to the varied offerings – decorations, books, jewellery, child seats etc. – the day was a complete success. Especially popular with the small flea market visitors was our box with lots of toys of all sizes. Our stall was visited very frequently, and in total we were able to raise more than 300 Euros, which will be now donated to SAYes.

The day started very early, as the stall had to be set up by 6am. Luisa, Astrid and Sabine took the early shift and were greeted by a huge number of early bird customers who were looking for little treasures. Members of the early shift were replaced by Gabi, Vanessa and Biene, who closed the stall in the late afternoon.

There are some things which we weren't able to sell, and these items will be offered at the next flea market. We are thinking of another activity in the autumn. We are looking forward to donations and lots of customers at our next flea market. Naturally, we will inform you of the details in time on our website.