How your donation can help

SAYes‘ Transition to Independent Living (TIL) Youth Mentoring Programme is extremely effective, as volunteer mentors donate their time to support the young people involved. People from all over the world can also make a difference with just a small donation. Here are some examples of how your money can help:


  • One-day‘s training for a young person costs 14 Euros. The same amount is needed for a day’s training for a mentor and for a social worker.
  • For just 4.50 Euros you can fund a mentee or mentor‘s attendance to Match Day. Match Day is the day where the young people and mentors meet for the first time, and mentees choose which mentor they would like to work with. By donating 9 Euros you can cover the costs for a mentor-mentee-match on Match Day.
  • Just 4.15 Euros pays for one person’s attendance (a mentee or mentor) on all three SED (Self Evaluation Development) workshops.
  • It costs just 6.80 Euros for one person to attend each of the five KTO (Key Transition Outcomes) workshops. Here mentors and mentees learn more about the five key areas of Education and Learning, Career Development, Housing and Citizenship, Sport and Recreation and Family and Community.


We forward 100% of .the donations we receive to SAYes so that the young people in South Africa immediately benefit from your generosity. We appreciate each and every donation and thank all of our donors.