Messages From Mentors and Mentees

During the annual graduation, mentees and mentors wrote messages to SAYes. Here are some examples that show how grateful they are to be a part of the SAYes TIL Youth Mentoring Programme.


"I’ve taken in what I have been taught by my mentor, my journey with her was fun, with joy and happiness"

2013 Mentee


"Wendy and Michelle,

Thank you so much. May God bless you. You guys have touched me and so many others. I will take this and make the most of it because only the best is good enough."

2013 Mentee


"Human potential is incredible and life a real gift to cherish and live with all we are. It's such an honour and privilege to take part in giving and receiving."

2013 Mentor


"God has blessed us with gifts. Gifts of love, talent and caring. I'm glad SAYes gift was to look after, care for and advise you people like ourselves."

2013 Mentee


"Thank you SAYes for this programme… keep in the good work… God bless. Keep it going!! Can't wait for next year!!"

2013 Mentee

Mentor Mentee Messages